Blu-ray Disc is the Winner!

Pioneer & Videoguys Celebrate with New Low Price on BDR-202 Burner! Blu-Ray Pioneer BDR-202 Now only $429.95! While the format war waged strong in '07, Blu-ray has garnered overwhelming support since CES2008 in January and Blu-Ray Disc has emerged as the winner. At CES2008 Warner announced that they will join Disney and Sony as being exclusively Blu-ray for their HiDef releases by the end of the year. Paramount is expected to be the final defector. Since then Blu-Ray hardware and software sales have outpaced HD DVD by a substantial margin, despite desperate price cutting measures by the HD DVD camp. In a final crushing blow Sonic Solutions announced that they would be ending work on HD DVD authoring systems, since an “overwhelming majority† of customers want Blu-ray Disc-based solutions. Sonic Scenarist is the authoring tool used by Hollywood to produce the DVDs you buy and rent every day. We have felt strongly that Blu-Ray would win since the beginning. The combined power of the Disney and Sony studios gave it a very big advantage. Second there was no denying the Trojan horse in everyone's living room - Sony PlayStation 3 sales exploded when they lowered the cost to $399 this past holiday season. In addition Sony began actively marketing the Blu-Ray Disc player capabilities of PS3 and they began offering free Blu-Ray movies with PS3 purchases. Third, and most important of all for video editors, is the simple fact that Blu-ray Disc burners exist and they are available – which means that you can create Blu-Ray content. With Pioneer lowering the price by more than 30% ($649 to $429) there is no longer any reason for you, the video editor and content producer to wait any longer. If you are shooting in HD, now is the time for you to start producing HighDef content on Blu-Ray!! Click here for more info and to check out all our fantastic new Blu-Ray bundles!

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