Blu-ray DVD format

Blu-ray Disc LogoBlu-Ray DVD format continues to gain momentum Now, in the next millennium, High Definition video is demanding a new solution. History proved that a significant five to ten time increase in storage capacity and the ability to play previous generation formats are key elements for a new format to succeed. This new format has arrived with the advent of Blu-ray Disc, the only format that offers a considerable increase in storage capacity with its 25 to 50 GB data capacity. This allows for the next big application of optical media: the distribution and recording of High Definition video in the highest possible quality. In fact, no other proposed format can offer the data capacity of Blu-ray Disc, and no other format will allow for the same high video quality and interactive features to create the ultimate user experience. As with DVD, the Blu-ray Disc format is based on the same, bare disc physical form factor, allowing for compatibility with CD and DVD. Blue-Ray Disc links:
  • Official Blu-ray Disc website
  • Blu-ray Disc Association Launches With More Than 70 Companies; Industry Leaders Choose Blu-ray Disc as the Format for High Definition Optical Disc
  • JVC Sides With Blu-ray Disc
  • Sony developing 200GB Blu-ray disc
  • PlayStation 3 to support Blu-ray Disc
  • Blu-ray Disc Association announces Twentieth Century Fox as newest member of board of directors
  • FAQ Unofficial website, but loaded with good info
  • With the new Sony HDV camcorder just weeks away, the Hi-Def revolution is about to kick into overdrive. The one remaining missing peice of the puzzle is how we will deliver out Hi-Def content to our customers. We think that the new Blu-ray format will be the winner in the Hi-Def DVD race.

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