Blu-ray victory spells the end of tape. is an official blog of blu-rayData DVD’s have already been used to distribute all sorts of media, as the replacement for the formerly ubiquitous floppy. From short raw DV files, to completed commercial spots, 4.7 GB of space is pretty good. But for completed TV shows in a HD codec, a DVD is very small. Blu-ray’s recent vistory bodes well for the independent producer because economies of scale will bring down the cost of both the 27 GB and the new 50 GB Blu-ray disks. The optical media that is at the heart of Sony’s Professional Disk system. In addition to the 50G Blu-ray discs, you can be certain that larger sizes are (were) in the works. At that point, the cost effectiveness of tape diminishes to a point to be offset by the value of random access. Both are easily “shelvable† so your camera masters are your archive media. But they can also be used to easily shuffle finished programs around. A key reason Blu-ray will quickly be adopted by the mid-level market is because the previous HD solutions were far more costly. read more...

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