Blu-ray with Final Cut Pro, Compressor and Encore

Ken Stone by James Fields

Encore CS3If you are like me, you have been recording in HD, or HDV since the cameras first became available. Filming with a HD/HDV camera is nice, video looks great in the timeline, looks great finished, but you can't watch it on your HD TV, unless you burn it to HD DVD using DVD Studio Pro (on DVD-Rs).

But why is there no solution using Apples Final Cut Studio? Today there is.

We explore the Blu-ray work flow, also known as Blu-ray Disc (BD), from burner purchase, installation, editing in Final Cut Pro, and burning all without leaving the Mac OS. Tiger is preferred but if you are running Leopard you will need to update Encore.

This workflow works for Both HD material Edited in Final Cut Pro, and yes Standard Definition edited with Final Cut Pro.

What we are going to cover is.

  • Blu Ray Burner Purchase
  • Install
  • Software needed
  • Editing
  • Compression
  • Authoring


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