Blue DVD Blues: Sony and Toshiba Have Left the Building

DMN feature By Miles Weston DVD BluesFrank Sinatra may have made doing it his way famous, but then he had something really going for himself †¦ a single voice that was the envy of half of the population of the world. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the next generation of DVD . Toshiba and Sony have left the building and have determined they will do it†¦their way! Instead of singing we get the feeling we're watching the great James Dean classic, Rebel Without a Cause. Remember? He was a rebellious young man with a troubled past who comes to a new town, finding friends and enemies. Sure the two have troubled pasts. They both struggled with their successes and failures. They have both lusted for patent supremacy and lost. They both have friends and enemies. Big questions are: How committed are the friends? How determined are the enemies? What about the gotchas they aren't considering? read more...

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