Bluefish 444 talks about 4K, LUTs and the future

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RedShark has been speaking to the Australian I/O specialists Bluefish444. We asked them about their current products and how they see the future shaping up

How did the company get started?

Bluefish444 started out supplying uncompressed SD SDI/Analog Input and Output solutions for workflows involving the Adobe Creative Suite range of products. At the same time we developed a multi channel I/O SDK and many 3rd party manufacturers from our industry began to adopt our video cards for I/O inside their own products. We next played a leading role in the pioneering years of 444 Digital Intermediate workflows, developing a 444 RGB/422 YUV I/O video application for our first High Definition video cards called Symmetry. Symmetry was a way into the world of DI world for many customers giving them a sophisticated yet user friendly tool to ingest and master DPX files using RS422 machine control.

What was the typical kind of video set-up you were catering for at the beginning?

Some of the earliest Bluefish444 cards were leading the way with Analogue SD Video and Audio Capture and included real proprietary software and CODECS.

How has your approach changed since then in terms of a) Technology and b) the shape of the market?

The industry in general is much more mature. People have been working Non-Linear for a long while now and so workflows and technology have found a happy medium. For the most part! With some of our earliest gear the industry did not have a whole lot of choice about how things had to be done. For example if we supported a CODEC then the workflow would find a way to accommodate it. Nowadays the industry expects a certain level of support from every technology partner, and if it does not support a CODEC required it will not fit into the workflow. The CODEC is just and example, it can apply to colour space, or pixel formats, or even resolution support. read more...

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