Bluefish444 Epoch Neutron Video Cards Support 4K 60p I/O & Graphics

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The new Bluefish444 Epoch [ 4K Neutron and Epoch [ Neutron are video cards suited to SDK development, 4K 60p I/O workflows, digital intermediate production, digital content creation and live and non-live CG. They are also suitable for video servers for encoding, decoding and streaming MPEG and H.264 material, and support Windows, Linux and Mac OSX operating systems.

The Epoch [ 4K Neutron and Epoch [ Neutron video cards have a low latency hardware keyer that enables video layers to be combined in hardware with only microseconds of delay. This ability allows animated logos, captions, ticker tapes and other graphics to be keyed over live video feeds at 12-bit precision with minimum latency. The hardware keyer can also function as an image pre multiplier to assist in previewing images with alpha data, which is similar to colour data in a rendered surface. Rendering software applications map each element in the colour data array to a colour in the colourmap. Likewise, each element in the alpha data maps to a transparency value in the alphamap.

Both of the Epoch Neutron boards have a 12-bit processing pipeline of 8,10 or 12-bit SDI video signals, including a 4 x 4 x 33-bit, programmable colour matrix for high quality colour space conversions to maintain accuracy during capture, monitoring and mastering. read more...

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