Bluefish444 offers new SDI features for Adobe CC, Media Composer 8, Scratch 8


Over the past week or so, Bluefish444 has made multiple announcements focused on an updated Windows Installer (V5.12.0) for its SDI input/output cards specifically for partner products Assimilate Scratch 8, Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 and Avid?s Media Composer 8.

?Bluefish444 has released Windows installer 5.12.0, a Windows 7/8 driver compatible with the Epoch[4K Supernova and Epoch[Supernova S+ cards supporting new high frame rate YUV SDI output from Assimilate Scratch 8 software.

New support includes: 4K SDI output as 4096?2160 at 60fps and a much anticipated 2k/4k at 48fps SDI output.?? Bluefish444?s 5.12.0 Windows 7/8 installer support for Adobe Creative Cloud (2014) includes compatibility with all Create, Epoch, Epoch 4K Supernova video cards.

This free release also provides added functionality for live capture of 4K SDI as 4096?2160 at 60fps from digital cinema cameras using Epoch[4K Supernova and Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014. ??The 5.12.0 Windows7/8 installer is a major update for Adobe After Effects CC 2014 users, adding 4K/2K/HD/SD RGB/YUV SDI output, full support for Adobe Mercury transmit and audio monitoring through ASIO 64. read more...

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