Bluefish444 Video I/O Cards Support Avid Open I/O

Videoguys now sell Bluefish444 I/O cards for Avid and Adobe!!

Bluefish444 has worked closely with Avid engineering and product management to tightly integrate Avid Media Composer 6 with the Create video cards. Full support for Avid's DNxHD codec combined with Bluefish444's bundled Symmetry capture, review, and playback software provides an end-to-end, extremely flexible post-production workflow solution with ultra high quality 12 bit processing.

Create|3D Ultra features 3G-SDI, 3D Stereoscopic, a 12 bit video processing pipeline, pristine hardware-based scaling, DVI/HDMI output with 3 x 1D LUTs for 2K Preview, and uncompressed 2K dual link support!

Why Bluefish444 is the Best Choice for Avid

12 Bit Advantage: Bluefish444's Pristine 12 Bit Quality

Video I/O cards represent a small fraction of the total cost of creation tools and turnkey solutions used in production. Processing of video at less than 12 bit by the video I/O card derogates the preview and master copy of a project. An 8 or 10 bit processing video I/O card thus becomes the weakest quality link in an ideal workflow.

12 bit processing is essential to maintain the original image - be it from camera, tape, or file. Using uncompressed 8 or 10 bit processing saves a little on the cost of the video card while costing dearly on image quality. Think of Bluefish444 12 bit processing as insurance to maintain the quality acquired from an expensive, high-quality camera.

12-bit Processing
All Bluefish444 video cards process uncompressed video frames in 12 bit - irrespective of whether the frame is an 8 bit, 10 bit, or 12 bit frame. Every RGB ? YUV color space conversion and 444 ? 422 sampling change is converted at 12 bit which is 4,096 levels of red, blue, and green per pixel versus the 1,096 levels of red, blue, and green per pixel of 10 bit processing. Bluefish444 competitors implement 10 bit processing.

12-bit Capture
All Bluefish444 video cards support 12 bit I/O for very high end SDI equipment that caters to 12 bit capture.

Real-Time, Hardware-Based Video Resolution Scaling
The quality of Bluefish444 video scaling is unparalleled in the industry. All up, down, and cross conversion between 2K, HD, and SD is done in hardware on the video card; the CPU and GPU are freed up for other tasks

Bluefish444 has engineered the highest quality resolution scaling in the industry using:

• 12 bit processing to scale each frame
• 1/128th sub pixel accuracy
• Sync(x) video interpolation algorithm with 25 X 25 TAPS
• Up, down, and cross conversion of each individual frame: 17.85 X better quality than the nearest competitor.

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