Bonus Features of the Newtek TriCaster Mini SDI

TCMini-SDI-IBC2015Allan Tepper over at PVC is very excited about the new NewTek TriCaster Mini SDI. Not just for the professional SDI connectivity, but for two key improvements that he feels makes it a great solution for even the higherst end productions. Manual adjustments of camera settings and the option of 23.976p sessions. It's worth checking out this article to learn more about these features and why he feels they are so important.
ProVideo Coalition by Allan Tepper NewTek released an SDI version of TriCaster Mini, but two other features I like about it have nothing to do with the connections. Back in October of 2014, I published a three-page article about NewTek’s TriCaster Mini (link ahead), the first TriCaster model to use HDMI inputs instead of SDI. Now, NewTek is showing the SDI version of the TriCaster Mini at IBC in Amsterdam, but there are two other features unique to this version of the new Mini that has nothing to do with the SDI connections, that I like even more. The very few published differences The very few published differences that I see are:
  • The SDI version includes SDI inputs and outputs instead of HDMI inputs and outputs. As to be expected, there are 4 physical SDI inputs, plus either 2 Network inputs or (starting the release of NDI, up to 4 NDI inputs, which will supersede the Network inputs for those TriCaster Mini users who purchase the optional TriCaster Advanced Edition software once NDI is released later in 2015. (Those NDI features will also work with all 410, 460, 860 & 8000 TriCaster models if the optional Advanced Edition is acquired and installed, and they will then have 4 extra potential inputs via NDI, in addition to the physical inputs.)
  • The SDI version includes the inboard display, which also comes with the higher-end HDMI model.
  • The SDI version includes the expanded internal disk drive space, like the higher-end of the two HDMI versions.
  • The SDI version costs US$9995 in the United States, excluding the optional US$2495 control surface, and is available immediately.
The SDI version allows owners of cameras which are SDI-only to connect without purchasing converter boxes to HDMI. SDI also allows much longer cabling than HDMI. However, I am much more impressed with two unpublished improvements, which I’ll cover in the next section.

Two unpublished improvements that I liked

Here are the two unpublished improvements to the SDI version of TriCaster Mini that I was able to find out from the public relations department after inquiring: read more...

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