BOOM! Zoom Rooms with NDI 5 is the dynamite!

NDI 5 is now supported by Zoom Rooms! Sports Video Group covers this excting news in their recent article. According to Sports Video Group "NDI for Zoom Rooms gives content creators an advanced set of creative, production options. Individual video streams, from either Meeting or Webinar, can be used by video producers to connect to other NDI devices allowing them to create custom visual experiences"

Zooms Rooms is capataible with the latest version of NDI, NDI 5 which was realsed last month. NDI 5 breaks down boundaries and pushes the frontiers of live content production. NDI is the first video-over-IP protocol that is fully optimized for our modern, mobile world.

Brendan Ittelson, Chief Technology Officer at Zoom says “Innovation is one of our key areas, and our investments here at Zoom are completely customer-centric. We have received feedback from producers that NDI technology is key to live production and something that they have wanted for a while. With our support for NDI we wanted to make sure that we delivered something to our customers that was a full package and gives our customers an amazing experience and works exactly the way they’d expect it to.”

Check out the full article here!



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