Boris Blue

Studio Monthly By David English BlueWarp Speed, Mr. Sulu Boris FX is an evolutionary step forward for video professionals who want to add 3D and 2D graphics to their projects. It offers true 3D workstation performance for a relatively low price, particularly if you already own a supported NVIDIA graphics card. Are you frustrated with the graphics power of your video workstation? Do you feel hampered by your inability to render 3D titles, composites and motion graphics in real time, making it impractical for you to experiment and innovate? Welcome to the club. We buy faster and faster graphics cards, yet we don’t see a commensurate improvement in our 3D renderings. Why not? Most 3D rendering programs use the computer’s main processor (CPU) to render. Using the graphics processor (GPU) on the graphics card would provide much faster rendering, but it would be a massive headache for a developer to support the variety of cards that are currently available. read more... Click here for our fantastic Boris Blue & nVidia QuadroFX bundles

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