Boris Blue 1.0

Digit Online by Neil Bennett blue Groundbreaking real-time 3D motion graphics environment. Excellent effects and 3D object and text controls. High-quality output. No-one likes waiting. Working in real-time is what all creative applications aspire to deliver, and motion graphics and compositing applications are one of the last areas to gain real-time functions. This is hardly surprising considering the number of layers and effects in the average project. But, following on from the first real-time 2D motion graphics application, Apple Motion, Boris FX has released the first truly-professional real-time 3D compositor, Boris Blue. Applications such as After Effects, Combustion, and Boris FX’s own Boris Red use the host computer’s RAM to preview effects, but this doesn’t run in real-time. Boris Blue uses the graphics card, utilizing all of the hardcore technology developed for throwing realistic-looking soldiers and aliens around in computer games. This enables you to mix video, audio, 3D models, extruded text, particles, and effects in 3D space without having to wait. read more...

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