Boris Continuum Complete 3.01 test and review

Our friends at Computer Video Editing Magazine in the UK posted this review from their latest issue....
Depending on how they're used, filters and effects can be genuinely useful or just plain daft. Boris provides the tools with which to sink or swim

Some video editors just want to tell a story. For anyone whose work is primarily narrative, too many fancy effects would be considered self-indulgent frippery. But others can't resist pushing the capabilities that digital editing allows as far as they can go. For them, no amount of effects is enough, and a new suite of filters is like handing over the keys of a toyshop to a small child. Anyone who even remotely fits into the latter category will find Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) a bit like being given the run of Hamleys during Christmas. With a whopping 150 filters in one package, BCC offers almost limitless creative potential.

Boris Continuum Complete 3.01 test and review

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