Boris Continuum Complete 5

DMN By Kevin McAuliffe BCC5Exceptional plug-in set for Final Cut Pro and Motion I started out my last review of a Boris FX product by saying "I really didn't have my expectations set very high, as I have always had a bit of a preconceived notion in my head of what the package is and what it can do". Well, needless to say that after that review my expectations changed, and now sitting down to look at Boris Continuum Complete 5 (BCC5), I've set the bar pretty high. Let's see if BCC5 lives up to my expectations. Installation Installation of BCC5 is quick and easy, and you should be up and running with the plug-ins in about five minutes. One thing I'm glad to see is that Boris offers a 14 day trial of the plug-in set so you can try before you buy. These days, that's big for me. Installation: 10 (out of 10) read more...

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