Boris Continuum Complete 5

Digital Arts by Michael Burns Boris Continuum CompleteContinuum Complete 5 (BCC) is a library of filters and presets for four of the leading video/motion graphics technologies on the market: Avid’s AVX 2.0 software, Apple’s FxPlug-based applications, Autodesk’s Sparks systems, and the AE compatible applications from Adobe. We’ve been looking at the latter, running BCC 5.0 from within Adobe Premiere CS3 and After Effects CS3, both running on Vista, but all versions share common functionality. In each application, the filters appear as ordinary video effects and are organized into folders such as Time, Wipe Transitions and so on, and include established Boris Continuum features such as PixelChooser. A handy help button is available within the controls of every filter for quick on-the-spot information. In this size of review we’d never get through looking at the 180 filters and 1,500 presets available in BBC 5 AE, so we’ll be concentrating purely on the new highlights. read more...

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