Boris Continuum Complete 7 - All That And Then Some.

Creative Cow by Nick Griffin

Boris Continuum Complete 7 -- the self described ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of effects and transitions for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Avid & Final Cut Studio

It's an unusual way to start a product review, but I have to begin by saying that I've been a little intimidated by a software product. In the fall I was asked to review Boris Continuum Complete version 7. As a long time user of Boris Final Effects Complete I assumed that BCC would be a similar product, just with a different set of filters. Well, now, months later I've finally begun to find enough time to get my head around BCC 7 and hopefully get over the intimidation I've been feeling over its depth and sophistication. So much to learn, so many, many, many capabilities. It would be impractical to attempt to discuss all of the package's filters and transitions, so let me provide an overview.

My experimentation, as well as a couple of real world projects, involved using BCC 7 with After Effects CS5. This same package also works with Adobe's Premier Pro. Other versions, with essentially the same filters, transitions and effects are offered by Boris for use with Avid systems as well as yet another set for Apple's Final Cut Pro and Motion programs.

The features in Boris Continuum Complete 7, in a single package, provide morphs, masks, 3D, shatters, displacements, particles, generators, video corrections/simulations, art effects, keys, wipes, glares, glints, glows and more -- everything ranging from essential, to useful, to curious. read more...

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