Boris Continuum Complete: The New “Swiss Army Knife” of VFX?

By Ryan Salazar

It boasts of a mind-blowing archive of more than 200 plug-in VFX filters (in 16 categories); an extraordinary video noise reduction tool; an eye-popping, spline-based warp filter; and a plethora of still- and video-morph technology.

Meet the Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) … or what their clients call “the Swiss Army Knife of Visual Effects.”

Boris FX, founded in 1995, is one of the leading software development companies for 3D compositing, titling and vector graphics applications. Their integrated motion graphics, VFX solutions and workflow technologies are used by broadcast media companies (BBC, CBS, ABC, Discovery, ESPN, Turner and others), filmmakers (“The Hurt Locker”), editors, effects artists, post-production facilities (The Ant Farm, Digital Kitchen, Troika Design Group and others), multi-media production companies and even educational and government institutions like Columbia College, the US Army and the US Air Force.

According to the Boris FX website, “the company’s success lies in its ability to tightly integrate and leverage technologies through strong partnerships with industry-leading developers of video editing software and hardware including Adobe, Apple, Avid, Autodesk, Corel, Grass Valley, Nexidia, and Sony.”

The BCC is the only plug-in collection that allows easy VFX migration with more than 10 editors on both Mac and PC platforms. From stunning light effects to high-quality cinematic visual effects; and from stylish broadcast elements to award-winning and eye-catching title effects, the BCC is second to none in the video editing market. read more...

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