Boris Continuum Complete V8 (Review)

MicroFilmmaker by Craig McDaniel

Currently, in the world of video editing it’s almost impossible to not need some sort of effects plug-in. It’s just what everyone wants. Sure, it may be against your personal taste or style, but if you are doing this for hire chances are you are going to run into the need for effects. There are multiple choices on the market as far as plug-ins go and they range from high quality (with the skill level and price tag to match) to poor and low-end. Some people can’t tell the difference, some have a keen eye for what passes as quality.

The other thing to watch out for is, what is the motivation for your effects? Are they there to help the story? Do the effects really add anything to the message? Or, are they there just because they look cool. With all my personal views on effects out in the open, let’s check out the latest offering from Boris FX. “Continuum Complete V8” is a very powerful tool with an overwhelming amount of options. I mean overwhelming in the most complimentary way. As you will read in this review, Boris FX gives you a vast amount of control for your effects need

Ease of Use

Once downloaded, the installation process was painless. The plug-ins immediately showed up in my Adobe software. This product is offered for Avid, Adobe, Final Cut and even Sony editors. I’m reviewing the Adobe AE version which also sets itself up in Premiere. Which is a much loved option to me! Even though the integration between Premiere and After Effects is top notch, having the ability to have a slew of effects and filters available in program is a time saver. I will say that some of the effects are probably better handled in After Effects, but if you need something quick that Premiere can tackle with the help of Boris FX (like the film glow effect) why not keep it all in one program? If it works, use it. I found myself testing some of these effects directly in Premiere and they worked great! read more...

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