Q and A with Boris Yamnitsky About the Acquisition of GenArts

The announcement surprised everyone when Boris FX had acquired GenArts. Thankfully Scott Simmons from ProVideoCoalition had a Q and A with Boris Yamnitsky.


One of the surprise acquisition announcements to come out of IBC 2016 (I mean besides Blackmagic buy Fairlight) was the announcement that Boris FX had acquired GenArts and the heavyweight effects package Sapphire. It came as a surprise since Boris FX makes the competing plug-in package Boris Continuum Complete. There are probably a lot of users of either and both packages who wonder what this might mean for the products they have invested time and money in.The time investment is an important one in this case as both the Sapphire and BCC package takes quite a big time investment in which to master them. I think if you know one well it’s entirely possible to move to the other but even that will take time to learn. boris_gary_fullsizerender I had a chat with Boris FX founder and leader Boris Yamnitsky about this acquisition of GenArts. I saw several questions floating around the internet after this announcement so I tried to ask the obvious questions that many of us would ask. Of course I didn’t expect that all the questions would be answered but there is some good information below about the merger. Lets talk about the Boris FX / GenArts merger.
ProVideo Coalition: This Boris / GenArts news was a surprise. Can you give it more details on the merger? Did Boris FX buy GenArts outright?
Boris Yamnitsky: Boris FX acquired GenArts, but all the financial details are confidential. We really view this as a “merger” and the three product teams (including Imagineer Systems) plan to work closely together to help advance and improve the Sapphire, Continuum and mocha Pro product lines. [Continue Reading..]

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