Boris FX Announces New Boris Continuum Unit: Motion Tracker

Corner Pin, Match Move, Wire Remover, and Witness Protection Filters for $199

Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated effects technology for video and film, announced that a new Boris Continuum Unit, Motion Tracker, is now available. The Boris Continuum Motion Tracker Unit includes the Corner Pin, Match Move, Wire Remover, and Witness Protection filters from Boris Continuum Complete 6:

• BCC Corner Pin allows editors to map media to a specific area on a moving object in a media file. For example, if a media file includes a moving bus with an advertisement on its side, an editor could use Corner Pin to track and replace the advertisement with a logo.

• BCC Match Move locks the movement of one image clip to another image clip. One of the great advantages of using the Match Move filter is that it includes full DVE functions such as tumble, spin, and rotate along with interesting lighting and light wrap compositing features.

• BCC Wire Remover removes wires and unwanted objects from still or moving images by either cloning or blending pixels together from surrounding areas.

• BCC Witness Protection allows editors to track the motion of an object in a media file. Editors can then use the motion path data to control another aspect of the effect. For example, an editor can track a logo on a t-shirt and use a blur to obscure the logo. Mosaic, tint, or brightness/contrast effects could also be applied to the specified area.

Boris Continuum Motion Tracker supports Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Final Cut Express, Apple Motion, and Adobe After Effects. Apple’s new Final Cut Studio 3 release is supported.

The Motion Tracker Unit is the latest addition to previously-released Boris Continuum Units: Chroma Key, Pan and Zoom, UpRez, Motion Key, Lens Flare, Film Look, Glitters, Optical Stabilizer, Light Rays, 3D Objects, and Cartoon Look.

Pricing and Availability
Boris Continuum Motion Tracker is immediately available through the Boris FX worldwide reseller channel and direct from the Boris FX web site at for an MSRP of $199 USD. Customers who purchase the Boris Continuum Motion Tracker Unit or any other Boris Continuum Unit may credit the price of the Unit towards the full Boris Continuum Complete plug-in suite. For more information, please visit the Boris FX web site at

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