Boris FX Ships Boris Red 4.0

Red4Further enhancing integrated 2D/3D compositing and effects creation capabilities for industry standard NLEs Amsterdam, The Netherlands – September 6, 2006 - Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated effects technology for video and film production, today announced that Boris Red 4.0 is now shipping. Boris Red is a 2D and 3D compositing, titling, and effects plug-in solution that seamlessly integrates with industry standard non-linear editing systems. The new Boris Red 4.0 version delivers superior image processing technology, a slew of must-have image treatment tools and a newly designed user interface optimized for effects creation workflow. “This is a significant release for the company. Red 4.0 adds a large number of truly exceptional image treatment tools within an enhanced user environment. Support for 16-bit color, optimized user controls and better integration raise the level of creative freedom and project possibilities for our users,† Said Boris Yamnitsky, founder and president, Boris FX. Boris Red 4.0 Highlights Include * 16-bit Color - lends greater control over color correction and manipulation with expanded color depth * New User Interface - new UI incorporates NLE look and feel for smooth user interaction, a mini timeline in the composite window with keyframe animation controls and popular "Sticky" and "Magnetic" windows create interactive design environment * Clone Paint - repeat parts of your source image or remove unwanted elements * Image Brushes; - paint with alpha images as your brush source, multi-layered Photoshop files can be used for random brush sources * Tablet support - modulate paint stroke parameters with pressure sensitive Wacom devices * Vector Trace - automatically trace your raster scan images with Bezier splines for easy animation and 3D extrusion * Motion Path - automatically animate 2D and 3D objects or shapes along a user defined motion path * Motion Key - erase moving foreground objects from the scene * Subtitle Generator - import EBU formatted subtitles in RED timeline for easy style adjustment and export a movie or XML file format to integrate with Apple Final Cut Pro * Over 40 filters - the most popular Continuum and Final Effects filters as well as brand new filters are now included with RED 4 * Consolidate Project - automatically move project media and file settings into folder for efficient media management and archiving Boris Red 4.0 delivers extensive image processing and ergonomic enhancements. Support for 16-bit color enables Boris Red 4.0 users to generate smoother gradients and realize more precise color corrections via the expanded color depth. The 4.0 release also incorporates a new UI design with a mini Timeline in the Composite window. As Boris Red users resize one window the others auto-resize to optimize the workspace as well as pull towards each other when placed within a 10 pixel radius. “There are some days where I spend eight to ten hours or more in front of RED trying to make a deadline,† comments Tim Rice, senior producer, WLTX. “Red 4.0 offers a new clean slick interface that took no time getting used to and the best part is I can customized it anyway I want! Change background colors, icon colors, track colors, timeline colors and the icons that I use the most in the timeline.† The new Boris Red 4.0 is shipping today and available through the Boris FX web site and Boris FX worldwide reseller channel.

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