Boris Red 4

Digit by Neil Bennett red4New interface and tools make software easier to use and learn. Useful new paint and motion tools and filters. While we now take integration between video-editing programs and compositing tools for granted, Boris Red pioneered this by running as a plug-in for most of the major NLEs. This set-up allows for the easy transfer of media between editing and compositing tools. Version 4 of Boris Red attempts to create a more rounded compositing suite that’s approachable for users of Adobe, Apple, and Avid products. The interface has been given an overhaul that’s reminiscent of the one Adobe gave its video products at the last upgrade. Red 4’s front-end features magnetic windows that snap to each other when resized, a stripped-down array of buttons above the timeline, tabbed compositions, and even a keyframe/timeline track under the composite window. read more...

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