Boris Red 5.5 for Media Composer Editors

PVC by Kevin P McAuliffe

This webinar replay will give you a new look at a classic AVX plug-in/app with a major update!

More and more these days, Media Composer editors find themselves trying to stay in their timeline to get simple tasks done. Boris Red 5.5 is the successor to Avid FX, and it will let you do some common tasks super quick, and keep you out of the time vampire of importing and exporting!

All editors who purchased Media Composer pre-V8 got a copy of Avid FX. What is/was Avid FX you ask? Well, it was simply Boris Red re-branded for Media Composer editors. With the move to V8 of Media Composer, editors now no longer get Avid FX, and it has essentially been "phased out". Phased out in name only. Red 5.5 is the newest edition to the Boris FX line up, and it comes with some great new features, that not only Media Composer editors will love, but editors across all supported platforms. Most editors, when they got Avid FX, cast it to the side and never really gave it much thought, or a chance for that matter. There are some many great, "simple" things that can be done in Boris Red 5.5, from Extruding Text and logos, creating Path Text animations, and even the elusive transfer modes (yes, you can apply transfer modes right from within your Media Composer timeline, and all this that I have mentioned is just scratching the surface of what Red 5.5 can do. In this repeat of my free, live webinar, I'll show you some great, simple things you can create quickly, to amaze and wow your clients every time! Don't forget, just like most applications in the Boris FX family, you can download a free 14 day trial of Boris Red 5.5, and give it a test run to see how it will fit into your non-linear workflow(s). read more...

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