Bringing Worship to Seniors via Live Streaming

Another great article form the folks at PTZOptics on how to use PTZ cameras and live streaming technology to bring your Church's services tot the senior citizens and senior centers in your community. Spread the word and flatten the curve!

We're taking a look below at some of the highlights from this article.

Check out this video, delving into PTZOptics most recent video on setting up a Church Streaming Service. 

This is the first place to start live streaming and the effects are far-reaching. Assuming that the people you are trying to reach have Facebook, social media sites like Facebook are a great place to start. Many newer senior living facilities are being built and equip with Smart-TV’s that actually have apps for both Facebook and YouTube. Therefore, if you are live streaming your church’s services to YouTube and Facebook you can have members of your church living in retirement homes use their Smart TV’s to watch the services. This approach is great because it’s simple and if you are already live streaming your services online you can reach folks who have smartphones, tablets and smartTV sets. It’s important to embed your churches live stream on to your website. You can also create a link from your website to your churches Facebook page. If you are only using the internet to distribute your church’s services with social media sites like YouTube and Facebook, make sure that you give folks proper training on how to get connected. In your church’s weekly bulletins you can include information about how to access the church’s weekly live streams.


Check out the full article from PTZOptics HERE to learn more.

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