Broadcasting to Facebook Live with Telestream Wirecast

FB-Live-WirecastWell done article on how simple and easy it is to go from Telestream Wirecast to Facebook Live. Facebook Live is becoming a very important video channel for promoting your business, services, or just sharing your interests with others. Telestream Wirecast is software that will run on Windows or Macs, Desk tops or laptops. You can use simple webcams, or use HDMI or even SDI HD camcorders (with video grabbers like Epiphan for even more professional results. by Ian Anderson Gray In this article I show you how to broadcast to Facebook Live from your computer to your Facebook Profile, Pages AND groups using Telestream Wirecast I wrote an article recently on How to Broadcast to Facebook Live from your Computer using the free software OBS Studio. This free software works really well, runs on Macs, PCs and under Linux and you can stream to your Facebook page, profile and groups. However, there is another tool on the market that is highly recommended, and that is Wirecast from Telestream. There’s no question, this is the professional live streamer’s tool, and the price reflects this with a starting price of $495. I’ll be giving a full comparison of OBS Studio and Wirecast soon, but for now I wanted to walk you through how to broadcast from your computer to Facebook Live using Wirecast. Many marketers are choosing Wirecast as their main tool including Mari Smith, Guy Kawasaki, Joel Comm, Jeff Sieh and Mike Stelzner. Going Live from your Computer? Facebook Live launched last year with a feature to stream live video from your phone. It started rolling out to verified users first, and then to iOS users and Android users have begun to receive access to Facebook Live on their profiles recently. It’s also possible to go live to groups and pages from your smartphone. read more...

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