Broadway Video Relates Nightmare that Lead to G-Tech G-RACK 12 Solution

Broadway Video℠ Ted Pacult found himself in the midst of a real nightmare during the sixth season of the hit TV show Portlandia®. He and his team maxed out their current network-attached storage (NAS) box and were desperately seeking a solution. The situation had grown untenable: multiple people working on a project, needing to share files, trying to find the most current scene edit, dealing with data backup, and on and on.
Ted recalls, “If we’d had a better NAS, [the other team] could have functioned as if it were here. . . It was a nightmare I never want to repeat.”
An devoted user of G-Technology solutions, Ted wanted the G-Tech G-RACK 12 product for three key factors in comparison to Broadway Video’s existing NAS: smaller physical size, lower power consumption, and higher capacity (48TB to 120TB) across 12 drive bays. Moreover, the G-RACK 12 product comes stocked with Enterprise-grade HGST Ultrastar drives formatted under G-Technology’s own NAS OS for flexible data protection with the BTRfs file system. The G-RACK 12 product’s ample expansion capabilities mean that Ted can easily add four 120TB expansion chassis and aggregate multiple 10-gigabit Ethernet ports in the future for even faster bandwidth. Of course, the slender 2U form factor frees up vertical rack space. With its leap in bandwidth, the G-RACK 12 product allows Ted to take advantage of Broadway Video’s high-speed fiber connections for much tighter collaboration between the two coastal locations and other offices. Moreover, from unboxing to exploring the NAS solution’s intuitive graphical interface to having his new 72TB RAID volume up and running, TED spent less than one hour — and most of that was spent on physical mounting into Broadway Video’s back room rack. Business keeps booming at Broadway Video with new shows, and Ted is grateful. “The G-Tech G-RACK 12 [NAS solution] has fundamentally changed our workflow. … The NAS makes everything more accessible to everyone within our company. The ideal environment for us has always been to work from a system that never slows down and can handle whatever we throw at it. Finally, with the G-RACK 12 [NAS solution], we have that. We didn’t even have to put a bird on it.” G‐Technology external hard drives serve as an element of an overall backup strategy. It is recommended that users keep two or more copies of their most important files backed up or stored on separate devices or online services. Reposted from G-Tech blog

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