Building a PC Part 2

By Tej Babra

Last week, we discussed choosing your parts for your PC based on your budget. If you missed it, go back and take a look at Part 1 of building a PC, before reading further. A laundry list of PC parts were assembled together for this build. Since all the required parts are now gathered, it’s time to move on to the next step “Post.”

POST does not mean “begin editing”. It actually refers to Power On Self Test routine. This is a testing method your PC uses to makes sure everything is function correctly. Basically we are going to assemble the bare minimum parts outside the case, to double check and make sure everything is running fine. There is nothing worse than assembling your entire PC, only to discover you have a bad motherboard, or processor.

First, you need to find a large surface to work on that is clutter free. Then you need to make sure your body is grounded, as static electricity can damage your components. Many people purchase Electo Static bands. These are inexpensive, and can save you plenty of headaches. Simply wrap the band around your wrist, and attach the other end to a ground source, such as the metal portion of your case.

The next step is to place your motherboard onto a non-conductive surface, in order to work with it. Many people use a wooden table. However, I prefer to use the box it came in. The box has some give in it when connecting you components, and is less likely to damage your board. Try not to use excessive force when assembling your parts. read more...

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