Building a Virtual Studio with Newtek TriCaster Mini

The folks over at RedShark built a virtual studio based on the NewTek TriCaster Mini. The original video ran 38 minutes long. They just posted an edited down 4 minute version that gets most of the main points and concepts across. The NewTek TriCaster Mini is an incredibly powerful, yet portable, live production solution. It allows you to easily run a muli-camera show with up to 4 pro-sumer HDMI cameras. The end result is a program that will be good enough for broadcast, yet produced at a fraction of the total cost. Complete with amazing graphics, really cool virtual sets, and a ton of additional features, the TriCaster Mini is perfect for worship, education, corporate, event and on-line video programs.
RedShark Here's a short video showing how we built a virtual studio - all based on the TriCaster Mini. Recently we made a full length video about how to build a virtual studio on a small budget. Here's a small, easily digestible summary of how we did it. Thanks to NewTek, Zylight, Millar, Datavideo and Sony for their help and generosity.

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