Bundle Up(grades) for the Summer

Event DV by Tim Siglin EventDVBy the time you read this column, July will be upon us, bringing picnics, fireworks, and—if, like me, you grew up in a small town—a chance to ride the ladder truck or climb a 20-foot pole and grab money from the top. July also brings with it a group of activities that houses of worship use as summer teaching and entertainment tools for children. For some it takes on the form of week-long events like “Vacation Bible School† or camps; for others it’s a series of hikes, swims, or other outdoor activities. Whatever the case, these activities need to be captured, edited, and displayed after the event or at season’s end. Fortunately for our EventDV readers that may be called upon to use their talents to cut together 400 digital still images—and just as many digital video clips from a variety of cameras—into a coherent music video telling the story of the activity, Adobe and Apple have both released upgrades to their flagship video, motion graphics, and audio tools that will help meet these needs. read more...

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