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Live Streaming is more important than ever! Gary gives a good run through of the best live streaming devices available today along with what to possibly bundle them with. Because bundling products to improve workflows is what Videoguys does best.

Gary was live last week slamming home a specific message.

Social Distancing Requires live streaming!

Gary Bettan - President | Videoguys

Watch last week's webinar here!

Create the bundle that's right for you!

Make sure to combine products already own with products that compliment it to meet specific workflow needs. This means looking at the following.

  • Cameras
  • Encoders
  • Software
  • CDNs

Remember to also start small and grow with individual needs. It's important to plan solutions and to remember that they can be scalable for future needs. Know limits, what to aim for, what to want, and what to need. Finally manage the budget. Never let it get out of hand or not know what is needed. Add new components as funds become available.

Stream Quickly & Easily from your camera

Wirecast ​ Software works great with the Epiphan AV.io Grabbers. These take any HDMI or SDI source form a camera and convert it to USB. Just plug it into the computer and there's the source! Wirecast works on either PC or Mac, is a great encoder, and can be used with USB, NDI, or even from a phone for great web streaming!

Upgrade your Audio with Roland Go:LiveCast

A lot of people like streaming themselves playing guitar live simply from their phone. The Go: LiveCast is the perfect tool to simply plug in your instrument and play for great quality sound!

Roland also offers the V-02HD for 2 source mixing, V-1HD for up to 4 sources, and the V-8HD for up to 8 source mixing. All of these are simply pluged into an encoder for great switching. Thus making streams easier to manage and also truly professional.

Bundling Products
Combine a switch with an encoder to stream!

Simple to use Video Encoders

Videoguys has many easy to use encoders. Here are a few to check out depending on what individual shows need.

Advanced Live Production Turnkey Systems

These are for higher end live production solutions. Why are these important to consider? Because these are all future proof, easy to upgrade, and easy to add additional components to. An example is a new camera, or NDI tools.

Learn more about these great brands here

Check out today's webinar here!

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