Burning Questions: PS3--The Blu-ray Movie Experience

PC World by Melissa J. Perenson PS3How does the PlayStation 3 stack up as a movie player? We kicked back with the controller and popcorn to find out. From the outset, Sony has considered the PlayStation 3 an all-around entertainment console, with tendrils that extend well beyond the realm of game play. Perhaps chief among these is its support for the Blu-ray Disc format, which lets you play high-definition movies. But can the PS3 perform competitively with stand-alone Blu-ray players from consumer electronics makers? The short answer is yes. In my initial hands-on tests, the PS3's Blu-ray Disc playback was very good--even better than I'd anticipated. The PlayStation 3 can complement your home theater, but it falls short of being a full-blown home theater device unto itself. That said, in my hands-on tests, the PlayStation 3 proved a reasonably agile Blu-ray Disc movie player, despite its rough navigational edges. And its usefulness as a Blu-ray player could go up a few notches once the remote control comes out next month. Moreover, the PS3 is quite a deal if you want to play high-def Blu-ray movies and aren't wedded to getting a stand-alone home-theater-style device. Even with the remote, you'd be spending hundreds less than you would for a stand-alone player--plus, you could use the machine to play games, browse pictures, and surf the Web, too. read more...

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