Videomaker by Marshal M Rosenthal

Event videographers can no longer rely on the sales of DVDs as a source of revenue and so must turn their attention to different methods in order to maximize their revenue stream.

Technology has long played a part in business - think of the industrial revolution as the obvious example of man-made thought turned into business opportunities. In the drive to increase revenue, event videographers embraced the business model of the sale of video cassettes when they came onto the scene with vigor and enthusiasm; here was an opportunity to provide a mass audience with the fruits of one’s labor at a profit. And while the delivery device changed over time, going from cassette to optical disc, both standard and high definition, the practice of offering the masses this physical product of an event remained a mainstay in the profit toolbox.

The same technology that is obviating discs offers an alternative.

But that’s all changed, thanks to the Internet, which has presented the public with the means to view video without the need of physical media (i.e., streaming content through a network onto a computer or mobile device). As a result of this change in media consumption, the desire to purchase a disc no longer holds as true as it once did. Does this mean that an event videographer has just lost a major source of revenue? Perhaps. But the same technology that is obviating discs offers an alternative read more...

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