Buy a new Datavideo SE-2000 between August 1st & September 30th 2014 and get more FREE


Buy a new Datavideo SE-2000 between August 1st & September 30th 2014 & get:

1. A free TC-200 that will let you create CG on a laptop

2. A free RKM-2000 Rackmount

The RKM-2000 allows you to add 2RU of equipment above the SE-2000 and set a monitor on the top shelf. For example you could stack a Datavideo ITC-100 Intercom and an HDR-70 Recorder or an NVS-20 encoder with an AD-100 audio delay.

Datavideo’s SE-2000 is a HD-SDI switcher that is ideal for small live production venues that use up to 5 inputs. By combining 1 or 2 DVI-D sources and 3 or 4 HD-SDI sources, any user can make the most of this flexible unit. The HD-SDI inputs may be HD cameras or small HDMI output cameras that can be used with a Datavideo DAC-9P, HDMI to HD-SDI converter (not included).

How the sale works:

1. The sale is limited to customers of Datavideo who live in the Americas and purchase a new SE-2000 from an authorized Datavideo reseller in the Americas. It is not valid outside of the Americas. There are a limited number of these switchers.

2. Tell your reseller that you want to order the SE-2000 Buy One Get More Deal from August 1st - September 30th 2014. When you order your SE-2000 from an authorized Datavideo Reseller in the America’s we will include both the TC-200 and the RKM-2000 in the shipment.

3. All we ask is that after installation you send us a picture of your setup and complete our User Story Application so we can post your picture and story on our website. Please send all pictures along with your application to with the subject title being
“SE-2000 User Story”.

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