Buy Boris Blue and get Free NVIDIA Quadro FX 3450 by PNY

BLUEFX3450Boris Blue ($1,995 SRP) is a standalone 3D compositor for Windows XP. Based on the familiar Boris interface, Blue is designed for video editors and compositors who want to create stunning 3D looks for their projects without the complex learning curves and render times associated with 3D applications. Perfect for post facilities with client-supervised sessions or demanding deadlines, Blue uses the latest generation NVIDIA GPU-based graphics cards (like the FX3450 and 4500 by PNY) to provide an interactive effects design experience. Blue delivers real-time processing of 2D and 3D effects as well as real-time playback of video and audio media within effect compositions. Users can easily adjust effect parameters during playback, a “front room† capability that is ideal for working side by side with clients. The fast export to disk, including hardware rendered anti-aliasing, motion blurs, and 3D shadows, provide significant time savings. NVIDIA Quadro FX 3450 by PNY ($1,499 SRP) ushers in a new era of unprecedented performance, precision, and quality. The NVIDIA Quadro FX by PNY architecture takes application performance to new levels by featuring an array of parallel vertex engines, a radically new line engine, and fully programmable pixel pipelines coupled to a high-speed graphics DRAM bus. Pipeline efficiency is further multiplied by NVIDIA's next-generation crossbar memory architecture - enabling occlusion-culling, lossless depth Z-buffer, and color compression. NVIDIA Quadro FX 3450 by PNY is a certified graphics card for professional video and graphics applications including Adobe Production Studio, Avid Media Composer, Avid Symphony Nitris, Avid DS Nitris, and Boris Blue. In addition to the Boris Blue w/ FX3450 offer, we are also offering an upgraded bundle for those who demand an even more powerful graphics card. You can buy Boris Blue with the FX4500 for just $2,995. For more info on this exciting offer

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