Buying the Right Workstation for Video

DV Mag By Don Keller April 2005 workstationUnderstanding PC workstation components is the first step to customize a system for your specific needs. dv breaks down the latest workstation technology for this buyer's guide. Video professionals have a need for speed and a lot of fast storage. Video editors, motion graphics artists, compositors, and 3D artists constantly push their machines to the edge to meet the demands of their profession. The story of ever-advancing computer hardware technology is a familiar one, but the evolution of high-bandwidth video formats and powerful NLE software taxes workstations to their limits. In the race between workstation performance and user demands, we video professionals always want faster, bigger workstations. In this article, I'll look at the state of the art in workstation technology; explore the relationships among video tasks, software requirements, and workstation configurations; and offer advice to buyers in the market for a new PC workstation. read more...

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