By the Numbers: ABC’s Super Bowl XL Coverage

super bowl xl Cool stuff from 720p HD standard of the broadcast 500 monitors in control trucks 400 crew people for production, technical, administrative and support 100x optical zoom of the longest Canon lens to be used 180 frames-per-second of Sony’s new experimental super slo-mo camera 90 inputs on the video switcher 90 miles of cable for cameras and microphones 60 microphones, including 12 on-field parabolic mics 54 cameras used by FOX at last year’s Super Bowl, but not all were HD as they are this year 40 digital video instant replay units 36 TV cameras 36 seasons of ABC NFL coverage, of which this is the last season and last game 29 mobile vehicles 25 degrees, forecast temperature outside the domed stadium at kickoff, a concern of ABC technicians 20 “hard† cameras (stationary as opposed to hand-held) 10 television production trucks (not including the infamous horse trailer) 10 commercials bought by the game’s biggest advertiser, Anheuser-Busch 7 handheld cameras 6 robotic cameras 6 super slo-mo cameras 5 million dollars per minute to buy a commercial 4 announcers: Al Michaels, John Madden, Michelle Tafoya and Suzy Kolber 3 60-second advertisements (the rest are :30), bought by General Motors, Burger King and ESPN 2 operators for SkyCam: one cameraman, one “pilot† 1 director, Drew Esocoff, his second Super Bowl as a director Click here for Videoguys XL Super Savings

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