California School to offer certification in VR and AR

The industry is getting serious about the development of virtual and augmented reality. Immersive content is the wave of the future, and starting this summer this San Jose, CA based school will offer a set of specialized courses for computer graphics professionals...

Cogswell Launches World-First VR/AR Program

  • Cogswell College is going to become the first school to launch a VR and AR certificate program.
  • The college is located in San Jose, California.
  • They have put together a pedigreed Industry Advisory Board for the new VR/AR program.
  • The program consists of a six-course set of classes of “Perceptual/Cognitive Aspects of VR/AR,” “HCI Design,” “Design for VR” and “Project-Based Iterative Application.”
  • The first courses are scheduled for this summer.
Learn more about the program.

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