Camcorder Review: Canon HV20 HDV

Videomaker by Nick Strayer
HV20The Mini Canon With so many HD camcorders hitting the market, it may seem to be an overwhelming decision to narrow your choice down to one. Thankfully, Canon has come out with the HV20 HDV camcorder, which may just be the lifeboat you need to stay afloat in a sea of options. The remarkable picture quality, combined with its 24P capability, makes it a truly appealing pick for point-and-shoot consumers.
A Handful Traditionally, a camera that can capture 24P is a two-handed, few-thousand-dollar beast of a machine. Canon now delivers it in a camera that fits nicely into the palm of one hand. The HV20 is easy to operate, with convenient hand controls for focus, zoom, exposure and back light correction, and a nice little video light. Like the HV10, it takes some time to get comfortable with the hand strap that seems a bit clumsy at first. Canon put together a solid camera weighing in at just about a pound and a half, which makes it easier to perform long-duration shooting. read more...

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