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By Sheela Raman RobinRobin Liss, a Tufts student who at 13 started her business reviewing camcorders for consumers, is gaining fame as an entrepreneur. She's a camcorder expert with two websites and 12 employees. She's also 21. Until a crew from ''CBS Sunday Morning" landed on the Tufts University campus to interview Robin Liss, most of her college friends had no idea what she was up to. Little about the 21-year-old outwardly reveals her fascination with electronics or her business acumen. But Liss has been running a website that reviews camcorders since she was 13 years old. She has grown the business into a premiere source of consumer information, started a second site that reviews digital cameras, and -- with a year to go as a Tufts undergraduate -- employs 12 people from her offices in Davis Square. With and, which are funded completely by advertising, Liss has carved an identity as an entrepreneur, and even a political warrior, at a tender age. But she says she prefers drawing an iron curtain between her entrepreneurial activities and the rest of her life. I've known Robin since she first started out and I think she is one amazing woman. Check out the full article here. Congrat's Robin - you've earned it!

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