CamInfo Select 2005

by Editorial Staff CamInfo Select2005 has been one of the most interesting and eventful years in the history of the camcorder industry. New formats and features from all manufacturers have tested our definitions and expectations of what a camcorder should be. We’ve seen the introduction of many new non-tape based formats, the rise in the popularity of HD, and price drops that would have seemed unthinkable only a short while ago. We’ve been working hard to review all the camcorders that have come to market this past year, and now it’s time for us to announce the best of the best: the CamInfo Select 2005! Camcorder of the Year: Sony HDR-HC1 There was a good amount of debate at headquarters about which model would take the all-important Camcorder of the Year award. We considered many models, some because they broke new ground and some because they performed so incredibly well. However, there was only one model that did both and did it so well that we fell head over heels for it: Sony’s HDR-HC1 high-definition camcorder. Check out all this years winners!

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