Campus MovieFest Brings 3D Films to Life With Grass Valley EDIUS Software

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Campus MovieFest (CMF) is one of the world’s largest annual student film and music festivals, where more than 500,000 students have competed for a spot at their college’s red carpet showcase and a shot at competing with hundreds of other top shorts at the national finale in Hollywood. The annual competition, which began 12 years ago, enables students of all levels in the U.S. and internationally to tell their stories on the big screen. Students receive all the necessary technology and training for free thanks to participating schools and corporate sponsors.

Within its competition, CMF also hosts a film festival called CMF in 3D, which reflects the prevalence of 3D technology in the industry. This exclusive competition, held annually for the past five years, welcomes only those students who are previous CMF winners and who are part of the Distinguished Filmmakers Network (DFN), which is a group of select top filmmakers chosen by CMF. To be eligible for DFN, students must submit a resume and reel for consideration.

“In our travels across the globe to various colleges and universities, we realized that we were discovering some truly talented filmmakers. We wanted them to have the chance to stand out, so five years ago we created DFN,” explained David Roemer, co-founder and CEO of CMF. “Through DFN, these filmmakers are given every opportunity, from participation in commercial production shoots, to special consideration for internships, to eligibility for exclusive competitions such as CMF in 3D.”

This year CMF in 3D received over 50 treatments, with 15 projects chosen for production. The teams were equipped with first-rate technology including a Panasonic Z10000 3D camera, a Panasonic 3D TV, and a Lenovo ThinkPad loaded with Grass Valley® EDIUS® Pro 6.5 software, to bring their 3D visions to life. read more...

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