Canon 7D Video – 10 Tips for HD Filmmaking


We have a Canon 7D. We like the Canon 7D. It’s THE camera of 2011. It takes amazing photos. It’s being used by filmmakers for music videos, documentaries, short films – you name it. But shooting great HD video on the 7D (or 5D Mark 2 for that matter) requires a little knowledge, some accessories, and a spare battery or two. But, since, like us, you’re probably just keen to go out and just shoot a film today, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Tips for shooting video on the Canon 7D.

1. Indecent Exposure. If your exposure is off, you are stuck with it. Whilst the LCD display is very accurate for video, a light meter would be a lot safer. Think film-maker not videographer.

2. Go Manual. Use the 3 Presets and save 3 different settings depending on what you are shooting. If you’re shooting at night have some different ISO preset options. If you’re shooting slow-motion, have some faster shutter speeds as options.

3. ISO important. The Canon 7D shoots great video in low light and you can use the ISO to help you out. Stick to the numbers 320, 640, and 1250 as they have produced better results in tests. Try not to go above 1250 though unless you have to. read more...

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