Canon Displays Under $10K-12K HDV Camcorder with 1080i but no 24P, Formal Announcement Next Week

CAMCORDERINFO.COM EXCLUSIVE Canon HDVCanon USA will announce a high definition HDV camcorder next week at the Canon EXPO event in New York. The new model will be very similar in shape, style and features to the XL2 MiniDV camcorder. A reliable source close to Canon has given exclusive information about the model, it's feature set and it's pricing. Although the announcement was under tight secrecy, Canon Europe displayed a model of the HDV camcorder their booth at the International Broadcasters Conference in Amsterdam. According to the source close to Canon USA, the new model will fall somewhere in the price range from $10,000 - $12,000 with a lens. The new camcorder will use the HDV high defintion video format. The camcorder will record only in the 1080 interlaced lines of resolution HDV specification of the format and will not have support for 720 lines progressive shooting. It should be noted that this source has provided with information in the past, and there information has always been accurate and correct. The information provided by the source will almost certainly match the final model, unless Canon changes the camcorder in the next three to four days. read more...

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