Canon HV20 HDV Camcorder In the US, Yes It's True by David Kender January 31, 2007 – This morning, Canon USA announced the new HV20 high definition HDV camcorder, only few hours after receiving an announcement in Japan. It will join the HV10 in Canon's emerging presence in the HD consumer market. The HV20 ($1099 MSRP) is scheduled for a mid-April release. The numerous improvements over the HV10 include a horizontal form factor, a HDMI connection, mic and headphone jacks, a 24P frame rate, Cinema color, a hot accessory shoe, and, reportedly, a boosted low light performance.
Late last week, news of the Canon HV20 was leaked when a product page appeared on Circuit City's website. Appearing a full six days prior to the intended announcement, news set the blogger community flying. Rumors and guesswork led to several incorrect speculations, including the belief that the HV20 would replace the HV10 as the company’s sole HDV consumer camcorder.
The rumor proved false. The HV10 and HV20 will stand side-by-side in the HD line-up, each marketed towards different user groups. “For the US market, I think we can all agree that the horizontal format has been overwhelmingly popular†¦. Vertical style [as on the HV10] is something that a lot of users like, especially if they want to keep things compact or for travel use,† said Mitchell Glick, Assistant Manager for Product Marketing, Consumer Division at Canon USA. read more...

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