Canon introduces "Add-On Applications System” for PTZ

At NAB 2023, Canon announced that the “Add-On Applications System” for PTZ cameras will be available for the CR-N300, CR-N500, and CR-X300. 

"Available through a future firmware update, the Add-On Applications System will provide access to new paid video production features such as auto tracking and auto loop. The auto tracking application will give users the ability to automatically pan, tilt, and zoom to track moving subjects, and the auto loop application will allow users to program and automate repeated camera movements."
Camille Valdez, Broadcast Beat

The auto tracking add-on application offers a range of benefits and features that make it valuable for various end-users in different markets. Let's explore some of the key points mentioned:

  1. Reduced Workload for Camera Operators: The auto tracking feature takes over the task of tracking a subject's movements, allowing camera operators to focus on other important tasks such as camera switching and streaming. This feature helps streamline the production process and enables multi-camera shoots with a smaller crew.

  2. Responsive Tracking: The application provides highly responsive tracking for various body parts like full body, upper body, and head and torso. It can adapt to different walking speeds, including slow, normal, and fast walking speeds. This flexibility ensures that the subject remains within the frame, maintaining the desired composition.

  3. Adjustable Settings: Users have access to a wide range of adjustment functions to customize the tracking experience. These include composition adjustments, tracking sensitivity settings, priority display area configuration, fixed viewing angle area selection, tracking target auto-select options, pan/tilt halting area settings, initial position adjustments, auto-select exclusion capabilities, and pan/tilt operation control.

  4. Suitable for Multiple Markets: The auto tracking add-on application caters to various end-users and markets. It is particularly useful in environments like house of worship and corporate event streaming, educational workshops and lectures, and broadcast and corporate interviews. In these settings, the application helps capture smooth and professional footage without requiring dedicated camera operators.

The new auto-tracking Add-On application will be available this August. 

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