Canon XL H1: SDI-Equipped 1080i HDV Camera

DV Mag by Adam Wilt xlh1The "chainsaw" is back in black--with uncompressed SDI output, genlock, and 1080i HDV recording, as well as the best resolution available under $10,000. If you liked previous XLs, you'll love the H1. Gorgeous high-definition images are worth the price. The Canon XL H1 looks like a black XL2, but it's weightier in the hand, the wallet, and the pixels. It's one serious camera. At 8.3 pounds with the stock 20 X lens (half a pound more than the XL2), it's the heaviest of the sub-$10,000 HD camcorders. The XL H1 will set you back $8,999, but that buys you the sharpest, most detailed picture available in the price range, along with serial digital output, genlock capability, and timecode I/O. The H1 records 1080-line HDV as well as 480-line DV on its tape drive, with 60i 1440 x 1080 CCDs supplying images processed by Canon's own DSP technology. The camera offers 30f and 24f modes, which, although not true progressive, offer temporally accurate 30 fps and 24 fps images without interlacing (and in SD, f-mode pictures are considerably sharper vertically than 60i images). read more...

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