Canon's XH A1 and Next-Generation HDV

Event DV
As an event videographer for over 17 years, I've used most everything from a two-piece camcorder and 3/4" tape system with 20-minute tape loads, to a Sony DSR 250 that shot more than 270 continuous minutes and ran a camera-top light and wireless receiver all from one camera battery. I have found numerous excellent features and many annoying problems in the various systems, not to mention the "I wish..." issues that arise with just about any camera you use. With this in mind, I looked forward to getting my hands on the new Canon XH A1. By coming a little later to the prosumer HDV party with a compact all-in-one, Canon was able to take what people liked about the GL series and the technical prowess of the XL series and meld those features into one camcorder. read more...

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