Canopus Edius Pro 3 "How To" Guides

Edius Pro 3These guides (pdf files) are a great way to get up to speed on Edius Pro, or read them to learn just how powerful Edius 3 Pro is! Performing Basic Functions Although all nonlinear editing (NLE) applications have many of the same features, the workflow and procedures will function differently. EDIUS Pro 3 was designed to provide as light a learning curve as possible, for editors to quickly master basic functions and start editing their projects. Batch Capturing One of the three main capture modes that EDIUS supports is Batch Capturing. Operating off a list of In and Out points corresponding to videotape, EDIUS can precisely capture footage from HDV and DV devices. EDIUS SP for HDV, EDIUS SD and EDIUS HD (with the Multi-I/O processor unit) can also batch capture from analog equipment via the RS-422 protocol. Working with Audio Channels In addition to the Audio Mixer controls and various audio filters, EDIUS Pro 3 also provides tools to globally alter the output of each audio channel from the timeline. Exporting to DVD EDIUS Pro 3 supports direct-to-DVD timeline export. This means that users can easily create a playable DVD copy of their project. The DVD can also have chapter points placed at regular intervals of time, or be set according to markers that have been placed on the timeline at specific points. Don't forget our great new prices on these Edius bundles;
  • Edius Pro 3 W/ ACEDVio card $599.95
  • Edius NX with Edius Pro $999.95
  • Edius NX for HDV with Edius Pro and the real-time HD output card $1499
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