Capture HDV in QuickTime for With Focus FS-4Pro HD for Editing in Apple Final Cut Studio

Studio Monthly Tutorial By Daniel and Donald Berube This is a huge timesaver if you want to bring FireStore HDV into your Final Cut Studio editing workflow because the entire process of converting from.m2t to has been eliminated. Step 1: Set up your camcorder to output HDV over Firewire Power on your HDV camcorder. Verify that the camcorder is outputting HDV over the camcorder’s 1394 FireWire interface. In this example, we’re using a Canon XL H1. Whenever it’s outputting HDV over FireWire, the camcorder activates a blue LED indicator next to the 1394 FireWire port.

Next, connect one end of a 4-pin to 6-pin FireWire cable to the 1394 FireWire port of your HDV camcorder. Connect the other end of this FireWire cable to the DV I/O port on top of the FireStore HD unit.

Step 2: Set up the Firestore FS-4PRO HD to capture HDV in Quicktime Now that the FireStore FS-4Pro HD is connected via FireWire to the HDV camcorder, power on the FireStore unit. Using the right navigation arrow button on the front of the FireStore HD unit, navigate to the HDD Mode menu page and select HD Recorder. This tells FireStore HD that you intend to capture HDV from your HDV camcorder. read more...

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